Demerol (Meperidine) injections and tablets 50mg


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Demerol (Meperidine) is an opioid pain medication and is similar to morphine.
Short-term treatment of moderate to severe pain. It may also be used before or during surgery (eg, to support anesthesia), for pain relief during labor and delivery, or for other conditions as determined by your doctor.
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What is Demerol?

Demerol (Meperidine) injections and tablets. Demerol (meperidine) is an opioid pain medication. An opioid is sometimes called a narcotic. Buy Demerol injection. Demerol is used to treat moderate-to-severe pain. Demerol may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.


Demerol can slow or stop your breathing, mainly when you start using this medicine or whenever your dose is changed. Never take this medicine in larger amounts, or for longer than prescribed. Never share this medicine with another person, especially someone with a history of drug abuse or addiction. Keep the medication in a place where others cannot get to it. Buy Demerol (Meperidine) injections and tablets.

Demerol may be habit-forming, even at regular doses.Take this medicine perfectly as prescribed by your doctor. Never share the medicine with another person. Misuse of Narcotic pain medication can cause addiction, overdose or death, especially in a child or other person using the medicine without a prescription.

Do not drink alcohol. Dangerous side effects or death can occur when alcohol is combined with meperidine.

To make sure Demerol is safe for you, tell your doctor if you have: Meperidine can pass into breast milk and may harm a nursing baby. You should not breast-feed while you are using Demerol.

Demerol side effects

Common Demerol side effects may include:

  • dizziness, drowsiness;
  • headache;
  • nausea, vomiting; or
  • sweating.

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